I feel honoured and fortunate to take the responsibility of this new educational institution as a Principal. I am going to create a new pattern of thinking and emotion and also set a new connection with the world which will give birth to a new horizon for the students.

The main purpose of education is to enable the students to think. Keeping this objective in mind, we will keep trying to develop the appropriate moral ground among the students of Evercare, so that they can have

every preparation to face any kind of challenges in life.

We have started a modern and developed approach to provide continuous learning experience so that our students can develop positivity, skills, confidence, empathy and responsibilities to move forward in life. Education awakens the beauty within us. Education does not mean educational excellence alone, it refers to a harmonious co-ordination of intelligence, hard-work and emotion. In this digitalized world, it is the greatest challenge for the teachers and parents to nurture the youth with a proper education system. I am thanking all the stakeholders, particularly the parents, who have trusted and supported us selflessly.

We will work hard to provide a safe and welcoming environment which will support education. As a team, we students and teachers- will keep trying to develop meaningful communication within our community.

1 expect that education will cope up with the ever changing world and utilize the imagination and innovation to create a better future for us.

Finally, I thank everyone and hope for every success of this institution.

Dr. Shahan Ara Begum


Ideal School & College, Motijheel, Dhaka.