Headmaster message

It is a matter of great pleasure that Evercare International School and College has started its journey as an educational institution with modern facilities. On behalf of the organization, I am bidding a very warm welcome to everyone.

In Evercare School, our primary objective is to help students to fulfill their dreams and to enable them to be successful in achieving their goals in life. We are unconditionally committed to provide the highest standard educational programmes to our students.

Through Inquiry Learning and Project Based Learning (PBL) research assignment, we inspire our students to be independent and creative thinkers. Our aim is to identify latent talent and skills through proper education so that students can develop creative solution abilities for problems to face the challenges of 21st century and establish themselves.

By assessing every child's personal preferences, our teachers are committed to ensure high quality educational experience. We will try to make our institution creative and innovative, so that students can have every facility of a modern educational institution.

The partnership between school and parents is such a thing that I strongly support. Together, we will ensure best educational experience for our students and share the credits among us wholeheartedly.

I firmly believe that with the skillful direction of the school committee, we can make a quality educational institution for our future generation. For this, I expect co-operation and prayers from everyone.

Syed Hafizul Islam

Ex- Headmaster

Motijheel Govt. Boys' High School and

Govt. Laboratory School, Dhaka